Howto install CentOS 5.5 i386/x86_64 using Netinstall
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Click here for the CentOS 5.5 i386 netinstall - Click here for the CentOS 5.5 x86_64 netinstall

Booting from the CentOS 5 Netinstall CD
Type "linux text" and press [ENTER]

Choose a Language
Choose your language. I prefer English because the most things on the internet are English

Keyboard Type
Select your keyboard type

Installation Method
Select "HTTP"

Configure TCP/IP
Choose for home use only IPv4 support and dynamic.
If you are using your system in a datacentre then use IPv4 (and/or IPv6) and choose manual configuration

HTTP Setup
Enter a HTTP centos repository. In this tutorial i'm using my own
If you are using "5.5", change "5.2" to "5.5"
If you are using "x86_64", change "i386" to "x86_64"

If everything is okay, you will see something like

Now the install will begin

If you don't need your files anymore, I recommend to format your drive. So select "Yes" and press [ENTER]

Partitioning Type
Copy my settings, select "OK" and press [ENTER]

Again select "Yes" to accept that all your data will be removed

Review Partition Layout
If you have enough knownledge with CentOS or if you are an expert select if needed "Yes". For sure I'll do it with "No" because this tutorial can also be used for dummies

Configure Network Interface
Select "Yes" so you can setup your networkcard

Network Configuration for eth0
Select the options you want, I use only the first two options

IPv4 Configuration for eth0
Choose here the option "Dynamic", but if you are using this in a datacenter you must select Manual and assign the IP

Hostname Configuration
Enter a nice hostname for your box

Time Zone Selection
Select your timezone for the server

Root Password
Enter your root password

Installation Progress
Retrieving the installation information

Package selection
Deselect everything except "Customize software selection"

Package Group Selection
Again deselect everything

Dependency Check
Checking the dependencies

Installation to begin
Just select "OK" and press [ENTER]

Package Installation - Install Starting
Installation will begin.. take some food or watch TV and come back later to check if its done

You have now installed a CentOS 5.x i386/x86_64 box